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HOME puts you in control of planning your own golf trip, and lets others see how you're doing while you're on the trip. You can post scores, messages, and pictures for everyone to see making it your own interactive golf trip website.

Listed below is the basic process of how you can setup an account and organize your golf trip online. We can also make custom adjustments to fit the needs of your trip as well. Just request it and we'll see what we can do.

Setting Up an Account
From the JOIN TODAY link you can begin setting up an account. is a FREE service so give it a try and pass along to your golf friends!

Setting up the Golf Trip
After your account is verified you can begin setting up your golf trip by giving your trip a name, for example, "Golf Trip 2007". Once this has been established you can go back at any time and rename the trip. And, you can add multiple golf trips under one account.

Setting up the Golfer Profiles
Next, you can enter all the names of the potential golfers for your trip. You can also send out an invite via email allowing the golfers to respond Yes, No, Maybe. You can also record other information for the golfers such as their address, phone number, handicap, what condo assignment they'll have and also track what's been paid by them. NOTE: PayPal payment buttons can be setup for organizers with a PayPal account. If golfers are paying you, this gives them the option to use their credit card.

Online Voting allows you to setup online polls so you and your golfers can decide on the important decisions needed for the trip. Which golf package do we want to go with? How much does everyone want to spend this year? What dates work for everyone? You can utilize the voting tools to help communicate the questions and answers.

Accommodations, Transportation . . .
Accomodations, transportation, pricing, directions, rules and other various details can be entered by the trip organizer. This information will be posted to your website with their own sections allowing the organizer to enter as much detail as they want to provide.

Courses and Tee-Times
Course information and tee-times can be entered by the organizer and have the option to have the system "auto-create" the foursomes based upon the number of people in the golf trip group.

Golf Trip Itinerary
One of the most important parts of a golf trip is having a detailed itinerary letting everyone know what's going on each day: DAY 1: 9:00 AM - Leave for trip; 2:00 PM - Round 1 at ABC Golf Course; 8:00 PM - Dinner at Steakhouse. Just a quick and simple example, but really helps with making sure everyone knows what's going on.

Scoring and Leaderboard
Scoring for each round of golf can be recorded and be part of your online Leaderboard. Handicaps can also be calculated into your Leaderboard.

Message Board and Pictures
The message board is also a good way to discuss details for the trip and a way to chat about the upcoming trip and how the trip went afterwards. You also have the option to add pictures from your trip. Currently, we are limiting each golf trip the ability to upload five pictures. Other options are also available for pictures and can be discussed upon request.

Golf Trip Quick Search

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Plan your golf trip right here on, centralizing all your trip members, tee-times, itinerary, and much more!
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